Rubbing along with PiErre’s work is colliding with a strong photographic world. His painful pictures could hurt us but we paradoxically feel appeasement. PiErre highlights scrapes and heals them himself thanks to the humanity rooted in him. He reassures us. The round finishes with caresses. 

PiErre gives, in the noble sense of the term. He gives pictures which suit to his image. Does not play with reality. Lives it. Sees it. Captures it. And manages to turn it into poetry.

His photographs, marked by emotions, get us on a ring where uppercuts and other knocks come one after another. Dealt on the right side, the one of the heart, his shots remind the evils of the poet and boxer, Arthur Craven. PiErre stops time on faces, bodies & places submerged in the latrines of life. Nevertheless, with his high sensitivity, the magic of his black and white, he embalms nauseating, filling it with a sweeter perfume. He offers us, as a promise, the ability to breathe again.  A.U S.W, 18 Octobre 2013